20 Birthday Party Invitation Templates

by ryan on September 21, 2017


20 Birthday Party Invitation Templates


The birthday is a special day not only for the baby itself but also for the parents who make that beauty come in to this world. This is reason why it is celebrated every year on that special day when the baby was born. All special ones are invited including the close relative and the friends of the born young one.

The passing years brings variety in to the participants and more and more young people start participating as the young one start making friends with the advent of adulthood.

The invitation is still to be made though and it is always been intended that the participants should be invited in special way. The birthday party invitation template is also being devised to meet this purpose comprehensively. The printable birthday party invitation template is an even better option as it can guide you in best way toward marvelous birthday party invitation.

Below is preview and download link of this free Birthday Party Invitation Template:

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Does a power of attorney make you responsible for paying the debt?


A power of attorney is a legal authority that you confer to an individual, who gets the right to make financial transactions on your behalf. You are not liable to pay for the personal liability, if you have been assigned a power of attorney. Before you confer power of attorney to an individual make sure that you consult with a lawyer, who has deft knowledge related to powers of attorney.

What is a Power of Attorney?

The agent who has been assigned with a power of attorney also has the right to access your bank account, pay bills as well as manage your debts on your behalf. The individual also hold the authority to take decisions regarding your medical care. You can still manage your own affairs even after assigning a power of attorney to another agent. Remember, as long as you are not mentally challenged, till then the agent is liable to abide by your stated wishes.

What is the role of the cosigner?

The responsibility of a cosigner and an agent is different, as the former is presumed to hold some level of financial liability.

The cosigner is equally liable to incur the debt or responsible for repaying the debt, if the actual purchaser fails to pay back the owed amount. However, it will be determined on the basis of the agreement.

If the cosigner is equally responsible for incurring the debt, then the creditors can pursue the cosigner for collection.

But the creditors should approach the principal debtor who actually incurred the debt before attempting to collect debt from the cosigner.



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