12 Visiting card Templates

by ryan on July 19, 2017


12 Visiting card Templates


Visiting card also known as calling card is a small paper card with name, address and content numbers of card holder on it. Visiting card has lots of importance in business world because it serves as identity of businessman. Almost all business organizations have their own business cards. These cards are necessary for the employees of top management.

These cards contain name of the cardholder, designation of cardholder, contact information and logo of organization. Large scale organizations hire professional designers to design cards for their employees.

They usually tried to keep the layout of card similar for the identification of organization. Visiting card templates are designed for the assistance of limited budget organizations.

Visiting card template is designed considering standard size of visiting card therefore anyone can use it for designing of personal visiting card. Just download visiting card template and if you find its size and designing according your requirements then just change the contents of template. If you require larger size then do not worry because it is very easy to increase or decrease the size of visiting card template.

Just click on card, then go to drawing tool and edit the size according to your requirements. It will save your cost and you will get a unique visiting card according to your requirements.













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