15 Power of Attorney Forms For California

by ryan on September 3, 2017


15 Power of Attorney Forms For California


Power of attorney forms in California are a particularly valuable and potent agreement that any two Californian entities can make. Entities? Well, we mean that you don’t always have to sign a power of attorney form with another person (or if you were thinking it had to be a lawyer, you don’t even need to sign one with one of them either). You can sign a POA form California with your aunt Mildred, cousin Avi, your accountant or a foundation, a bank or trust. These are entities.

The only requirements that are hard and fast by California law are that the signers be 18 years old (minimally) and that the signing of the POA be witnessed and notarized by a public notary.

So why make a Power of Attorney Form California?

One answer. To protect your assets. Let’s say that you had some tech stocks and that you were an active trader in California.

Normally, your plan might be to buy more shares if the market dips or sell all in a clearinghouse if it drops 10 points. SO you have your stock game mapped out and suddenly, the unthinkable happens. You are stricken with Malaria. A debilitating disease that leaves you only sweating and hallucinating in bed for days.

If your tech stock drops 12 points normally you would be moved to sell and avert a financial catastrophe but you are bedridden so along with your health, you lose your hard-earned fortune in the stock Californian tech market.
No consider if you had a Power of Attorney form signed with your wife, or business partner. In this instance, it may be what is called a Springing Power of Attorney form that comes to life because you are suffering from this terrible disease.

The person (or entity) that you signed this document with can now sell your stocks as you normally would as if they were you making the transaction.





Crisis averted. Fortune saved.

This is just one example of the tunefulness of a Power of Attorney form in California. You can protect the paying of debts, to ensure they are paid on time (and protecting your credit as well as prevent foreclosure or repossession). You can stipulate that your renters can pay your POA Agent (your wife or business partner) instead of you. The list is endless.

California as well as the other states in the Union have made provisions by which you can execute all of your formal life decisions through a third party and continue on while you recover from Malaria.



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