20 Continued POA California Form Templates

by ryan on September 6, 2017


20 Continued POA California Form Templates


That’s a lot of Power I am Giving Away, am I Safe?

First, you are not “giving away” any power. Moreover, you are empowering someone you trust to handle your affairs. Therefore you are staying in charge of your life through a trusted proxy.

Additionally, California (and other states) have specific provisions that limit what a Power of Attorney Form Agent in California can do with their new legal abilities. For instance, a POA Agent cannot give themselves gifts on your behalf. They can’t drain your bank account and transfer it to theirs don’t worry. They cannot stand to gain in nearly ALL instances of a POA agreement. You CAN stipulate that they can receive some monetary compensation for performing this task and you do so right in the agreement itself.

Ending or Removing a Power of Attorney form California

Most power of attorney documents in California become nullified with the death of the grantor. They certainly become nullified with the death or incapacitation of the agent.

When creating a power of attorney document, you can specify when and under what circumstances the agreement becomes nullified. You can set a specific time frame (for example the POA document may end on midnight June 1st) or after a certain event (the sale of real estate for example).

The formal and more legally secure method is to create and sign a Power of Attorney Revocation Form where essentially the agent and grantor sign a document to the effect that any and all (or a specifically identified POA document) is hereby nullified.

Sample POA:








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