23 Power of Attorney Form in California

by ryan on September 3, 2017


23 Power of Attorney Form in California


It is very well worth mentioning that you can assign an agent to look after any part of your legal affairs for any reason at all. Let’s say that the tax man comes a knockin’ looking for some modifications to your tax return (in your favor we presume). You can have your accountant handle all dealings with the IRS as if you in this matter, freeing you up to eat some cake or shoot a round of golf.


Another example may be if you are planning to leave the country for an extended period and you would like your brother Joe to collect the rent from your tenants while you are away. Yup, sign a power of attorney form and Joe can conduct your business.

Healthcare Power of Attorney Form

Probably the second (maybe the first even) most widely used Power of Attorney Form in California is one with a medical directive. One where if you were to catch Malaria let’s say, your agent acting on your behalf can accept or reject treatments based upon what your wishes are.

This doesn’t only extend to Malaria, but to all forms of medication and surgical procedures. If you have a preference for particular methodologies in treatment, your Health Care Power of Attorney agent can make sure that you get the treatments you prefer and desire over any others. They can also forbid certain treatments based upon the POA agreement if you do NOT want certain procedures to be executed on you (while you are out).

Sample POA Templates:








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