6 Greeting Card Templates

by ryan on July 24, 2017


6 Greeting Card Templates


These cards is versatile way to express your care and love to your friends and lovers. Friendship is a great relation and a Greek philosopher Aristotle said “Without friends, no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods”. This line highlights the importance of friends in your life.

You can share your all happiness and sorrows with your friends therefore it is necessary to greet your friends with love at different occasions.


You can send friends cards to your friends to strengthen your friendship bond. This design will help you to design unique greeting card for your friends. You can add your personal feelings, wishes and prayers on this card. These smaller acts can leave positive impression on your relation with friends.

Every nation has its own festivals to share their happy moments and to greet friends and family members. Easter is an important festival for Christians. It is the day when all Christians greet their friends and family members with cards and gifts. Everyone has desire to present decorative and unique card to his darling therefore I am presenting here greeting card template.

This template will help you to create a personalized Easter greeting card. This formatted design serves as guideline and helps you to create a card in short period of time. Most adoring thing of this template is its easy usability because with some little modifications it can be used as it is.

Following are Designs of 2017 totally free for you:








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