7 New Printable Business Plans

by ryan on October 20, 2017


7 New Printable Business Plans


Business Plans are so important in being able to effectively communicate the vision of a start-up or expanding company. These plans serve two main purposes. First, if you are seeking any type of financing, either from a bank, private investor or from a Venture Capitalist, a Business Plan helps to demonstrate the owners’ ability to plan, organize and manage a successful business venture. Second, your Business Plan is a blueprint for your business.

It allows you to design and construct a strategy for creating your business venture serving as a guide to set up and run your company up correctly from the start. New Venture Business Solutions prepares these plans for emerging & expanding companies nationwide in the fields of Technology, Telecommunications, Internet, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Financial Services, Entertainment and other service related industries.



While working with your Management Team, we will develop educated assumptions for sources of revenue, sales assumptions, pricing, sales growth rates, equipment, rent, salaries, marketing, advertising, technology, management team, facilities, licenses, insurance and others, especially to determine the breakeven point. This in turn will aid us in determining what price to charge and how much revenue we need to generate in order to cover all of our costs. Then we can determine precisely how much capital we will need to borrow, what the best form of financing is and how long it will take to pay it back.

One of the ways in which we distinguish ourselves from other Business Plan writers is that we will do a lot more than just gather your information and write the plan. We have actually worked and are educated in many aspects of many different businesses in many different industries from Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning and in the development of intricate Financial Models. We will analyze your entire business model, challenge all of your assumptions and play devils advocate. In addition, we will teach you not only about what goes into putting together a successful business but how to run one as well.

Because of complex Financial Models Outlines, Templates and questionnaires that we have developed, we can prepare Business Plans for companies anywhere in the United States.

Your Business Plan will include the following sections:

Industry Analysis
Market Research and Analysis
Marketing Plan
Competitive Analysis
Distribution Plan
Design, Development and Manufacturing Plan
Analysis of Management Team
Critical Risks and Assumptions
Financial Plan – Encompassing 3 – 5 Years (TBD)

Income Statements – Monthly for each year
Balance Sheets – Monthly for each year
Cash Flow Statements – Monthly for each year
Break-Even Analysis – Monthly and Cumulative
Graphical representation of all Financial Statements
Written analyses of all assumptions by year
Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margins, Overhead Expenses and Net Income
Executive Summary
Bound and Tabbed Plan with detailed Table of Contents








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