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by ryan on March 28, 2017


Printable Auto policy Templates


Some standard printable auto policy plans that offer rental car coverage might offer it in optional coverage plans templates that also cover other services.

One of these is breakdown protection insurance that covers having your car towed in the event it breaks down. These policies have been around for a long time, with AAA being one of the most well known carrier. Policies generally only allow a certain number of tows per year, with a certain number of miles towed per breakdown.


This is supposed to get you far enough to get you home or to an auto shop. The insurance companies actually have contracts with tow companies so that the cost that the insurance companies pay is lower than the cost that the tow companies charge a non-insured customer.

A typical event where rental coverage and a tow package were offered together might go as follows. Vehicle stops running and is parked on the side of the road. You call the insurer. You leave the number where you can be reached for the next fifteen minutes, and hang up. The insurer calls you back. The insurer ascertains your location and whether or not you are in a safe location (off the road). The insurer then validates your coverage and gives you a claim number.

The insurer advises you to call back if your tow truck hasn’t arrived in one hour. You disconnect and the insurer contacts the tow company, who dispatches a truck. Quite frequently there are other vehicles in a tow queue, ahead of yours. The tow truck arrives and tows you to where you go, but you’ll pay out of pocket for miles over a certain number. You rent a vehicle, and pay out of pocket, to be reimbursed later, or the insurance company pays all up front.

The rental of the vehicle process can vary, depending on the insurer. Some rental companies might provide transportation of the rental vehicle directly to your breakdown location, should you desire. You should check with individual insurance companies for specific rental procedures.

Unless you travel extensively and faced the prospect of being far from home when your car stopped running, having rental reimbursement coverage when you already have a second vehicle would not make sense. But in cases where getting back on the road fast is a priority, it can be a fast solution to an immobilized car.

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