Bill of Sale Template for a Car

by ryan on March 8, 2017


Free Bill of Sale Template for a Car


A Bill of sale is one of the most important documents when buying or selling a car. It’s a proof of agreement between buyer and seller. Therefore, we can offer you a car bill of sale template for free. It’s a legal form for transfer of car i.e. car, truck, or any other vehicle from seller to buyer.

Irrespective of whether one buys or sells a new or used car, this form can be utilized for both circumstances. The car bill of sale template that you download protects the interest of both buyers and sellers, and makes their transaction legal and simple to process.

Download our Free Bill of Sale Form for a Car now.



A car bill of sale template binds the buyer and seller in a legal agreement. Apart from that, it acts as significant proof in case there are any hidden liens or illegal work performed on the vehicle. Also, there’s a separate odometer disclosure included along with the car bill of sale form. The details of car mileage, vehicle description, buyer and seller details are filled in this form.

A car bill of sale template also satisfies the insurance and tax requirements of the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the car bill of sale should be submitted with the appropriate county or state agency if required. Also, your insurance company may require a copy to comply with your insurance policy. Call your agent for further information.

What Details Does a Car Bill of Sale Cover?

People are skeptical about using an car bill of sale form available online because they aren’t sure what it covers, and whether it is binding or not. Here’s what our car bill of sale template covers:

Make of the motor vehicle
Vehicle color
Model and year of the vehicle
Vehicle Serial Number (VIN) number
Engine specifications
License plate number
Warranty declaration

Odometer disclosure (federal law requires a separate odometer disclosure form)
The car bill of sale template is professional and completely editable. Edit, fill, sign, and print. As simple as that!

Download your free bill of sale template for a car here.









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