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by ryan on July 24, 2017


5 Printable Purchase Card Templates


Purchase card also known as PCard or P-Card is a form of charge card that allows secure acquisition of goods and services without adopting traditional purchasing process. In United Kingdom, the purchase card is also known as procurement card.

This card is usually issued to the specific employees according to the rules and regulations of organizations.

Organization has complete control over purchase card and can review the activities of cardholder periodically.


Purchase card is frequently used by organizations to give to their employees to manage account payable. Purchase card replaced the manual account settlement, credit checks and other operations.

If you want to design a purchase card for your organization then it is necessary to follow all rules and regulations for its proper designing. Purchase card template is best way to design accurate card for your employees. This template will help you to understand the contents and color scheme of cards.

The contents of purchase cards remain same but color scheme can vary. You need to print name of the organization, name of cardholder, card number, issuance and expiry date etc. Almost all organizations use VISA financial services to facilitate electronic funds transfer. Purchase card template will help you with attractive graphic design so download it because it is free.

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