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by ryan on July 19, 2017


9 New Business card Templates


Business card bears business information related to the person or organization. These are frequently shared during formal communications as an introductory tool and memory aid. Business card typically entails name of cardholder, company affiliation with logo and contact information including address, telephone numbers, fax number, email addresses and website.

Now some additional information such as tax code, telex and bank account are also included in the contents of business card. Few years ago only white card with black color text was in use but now majority of business organizations prefer one or more aspects of striking visual design.



Business cards are printed on different kinds of material according to the size and budget of business.

Low budget business organizations use paper for printing of business cards and some multinational organizations use PVC plastic, translucent plastic, crystal clear plastic white or metallic plastic for business card. Rubber, metal, magnets, wooden nickels and even real wood are also used for the printing of business cards.

Every company tried to give a unique and eye-catching look to its business cards therefore I will suggest you to take assistance of personally design business card templates. These templates are especially designed for the assistance of low scale business organizations.

Business card templates are so easy to use for the designing of unique and eye-catching business cards. The best thing is ready to use samples that reduce your cost and time. Business cards templates contain almost six cards at a page.


The size of each card is standardized therefore you only have to replace sample logo with your own logo and the sample text of business card with the information of your business. Color scheme, size, pictures even everything is editable therefore do not waste your time and download free business card templates in order to design cost effective and unique business cards for your business.

Following are available business card templates for you









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