Consent Letter Sample Templates

by ryan on December 7, 2016


Consent Letter Sample Templates


Following all these precautions is particularly advisable should your situation be more complicated than the norm, for instance if the child has a different surname to your own. This might even require another birth certificate for the child which specifically names you as birth parent. A female parent who has taken on another surname as a result of a subsequent marriage may have the added complication of needing to prove that they are in fact the same person listed on said birth certificate.

Templates :





Another form of parental consent letter is the medical parental consent letter. These consent forms are not necessarily just for signing should an extreme emergency actually happen to your child – they can also be signed merely as a precaution, giving responsibility and the right to give parental consent to an emergency medical procedure to a friend or neighbor or teacher or babysitter, something that could save valuable time if a medical emergency did arise concerning the child when the parents were not actually present at the time.


Parents can also give their consent to their children to get married before the general legal age of eighteen. These laws can vary according from state to state in the United States, so it is important to thoroughly investigate local practice. Generally speaking, those of sixteen and seventeen years of age require a signed consent letter from at least one parent or guardian. Anyone under sixteen wishing to marry would need both parental consent and the written approval of a judge.

There are many forms of parental consent letter, and those using them should take care to ensure that all legal boxes have been correctly ticked before issuing them.



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