Florida Prenuptial Paper Templates

by ryan on March 9, 2017


Florida Prenuptial Templates


Getting married under a melting Sun is not as bad as not using a Florida prenuptial agreement templates to protect assets against a gold digger. Florida law, specifically the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, defines and sets the legal basis under which prenuptial (premarital) agreements are covered. A prenuptial agreement sample templates is a contract agreed to by two adults prior to marriage, and which takes effect immediately upon marriage between the two parties. The law specifies what things may be covered under the contract, but it also contains a clause that is wide enough to allow almost anything that is not unlawful.

Among the things that can be agreed to in a prenuptial are rights involving property, spousal support, ownership of life insurance (upon death of covered spouse), and children rights, among others. With Florida having quite a few retired people who have saved a whole lifetime, it makes sense that it would be a state with strong prenuptial agreement laws.

The advantages of a premarital agreement or contract are pretty clearly understood when one thinks about it. When any condition that is set forth in the agreement being met, the terms of the contract will be brought to bear. Remember that in Florida a prenuptial is a legal document and is enforceable through the courts. The following are more of the important issues that can be advantageously addressed with a prenuptial PDF Templates contract: Protection of family assets, protection against creditors; Disposition of property; Terms of alimony in the event of a divorce or unfaithfulness; and child custody and support payments.

One of the most universal benefits of a printable and freee prenuptial templates in Florida is that it avoids costly litigation between two parties when they are divorcing or separating. Many stars have been saved from the public embarrassment of dirty laundry being dragged out for public view when separating spouses cannot agree with them on terms. Someone wants the house, someone wants the bank account, someone wants the income or royalties. Johnny Carson probably immortalized the prenuptial when his divorced dragged on for years because his wife and he did not agree on how the property should be divided.

Let’s look at another example. Joe the plumber had saved most of his money his whole life. He met a woman at carnival and when she found out about his wealth, it wasn’t long before she had him saying, “I do.” But within three months of the wedding, she decided that she didn’t like his snoring and wanted a divorce.

Under the law, everything that was his before they were married was now legally half hers. Everything. He talked to a lawyer but the lawyer told him there was little that could be done without a prenuptial document. She would get half of everything, and if he decided to litigate it in court, the attorney’s fees would consume a good part of his fortune. Today she is living south of Florida in the Bahamas, sipping martinis paid for with his years of hard work. Let’s take another example.







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