Free Boat Bill of Sale Templates

by ryan on March 9, 2017


Free Boat Bill of Sale Templates


The boat bill of sale template is for buyers or sellers of boats. It’s a document for the transfer of ownership of boats. For any transaction to be secure, it has to be documented – both parties must agree upon the terms and conditions of sale, agree to it in writing, and submit any required information to local or state agencies.

The boat bill of sale template that we offer is for both buyers and sellers. All the specifications of the boat, details of the vendor and vendee, and the legal clauses related to the transaction are mentioned in the form. It can be downloaded in an easy-to-edit word format that opens with any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

You can download our Free Boat Bill of Sale Form immediately.



Is Boat Bill of Sale Form Necessary?

A boat bill of sale template/form might not be necessary in some states in the US. But, it might be an absolute necessity for buying/selling boats in other states. The state tax departments require it to calculate and collect sales tax, and insurance companies need it to know who owns the boat. In short, a boat bill of sale form may or may not be necessary based on the state one resides in.

What Our Boat Bill of Sale Template Covers?

The boat bill of sale form that’s downloadable on this page, addresses the following details and information:

Type and make of boat
Length and width of boat
The color
Hull ID and registration #
Do meter / hours reading
Carrying capacity / rated weight
Additional equipment
Terms and conditions

In addition to the above, the boat bill of sale template we offer is in correct language. It provides options to the seller to sell the boat “as-is” or make repairs or add features if agreed upon. Besides that, it is easy to download, edit, and print.

Download Our Boat Bill of Sale Template Here






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