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by ryan on February 21, 2017


Emergency Guardianship Printable Templates


The ability to issue restraining orders or visitation orders under emergency guardianship is just one of the special powers that judges can make on behalf of the kids, whether they are incompetent or their parents have died. The law specifies conservatorship in cases where death takes away parenting skills that the children need while being raised. It’s especially tragic that someone else would become the children’s guardian, because it might be someone who the parents would not want to raise their children.

For this reason, temporary guardianship is a possibility under the law, at least until the children or no longer miners. When they reach the age of 18, they can live on their own. Until then, they can petition the court for emancipation, just like any other child. A lawyer can help them with this, as long as a friendly court and smiling judge gives them approval.

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Upon request to the probate court, the judge may enter award guardianship to the mentally incompetent person or to children who have lost their parents. Emergency guardianship is likely to involve representation by a competent attorney to represent potential heirs to the estate. They may oversee the affairs of someone who is committed to a ward, under an emergency. +

A licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist should appear in court, or supporting documentation that has been signed by the medical person should be presented at the time of the hearing. The judge does not have to award guardianship to next of kin. The probate judge can award temporary guardianship to anyone, especially if there is no next of kin available.

Fair treatment of the mentally incompetent and confinement to a hospital should be expected. A ward of the state is not without rights, and can petition the courts for injunctive relieve against an abusive guardian, or even co-guardian. Minors should be evaluated to determine if they are being provided a sufficient level of care, and to see if they are happy in their new home. When parents die, it is a tragedy, but some grieving person must file the petition with the court. An attorney can make the proceedings go more smoothly, having knowledge of the process so that everyone receives fair treatment.

When the child or incapacitated person is unavailable, the judge knows it’s an emergency and can make an ex parte judgment, meaning the judge can make a determination for or by one party without that party being present. The incompetent person who pleads on his own behalf jeopardizes his future by entering a courtroom unprepared with the years of legal expertise that is required to sway the court in his favor. There is no jury, only a judge who makes this decision.


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