Marketing Report Content and Template

by ryan on June 27, 2017


Marketing Report Content


Use this Marketing Plan Template for your Business Planning

This is the second part of a Marketing Report. All your hard work on your market research is written in this section. It is a place and the last opportunity for you to tell your story. Below are some important aspect of a Marketing Report Content:-

1) Title Page

This is essential the front cover page. Limit the information to the title of the report, written by who and date

2) Executive Summary

This is the first section appear in your report and it must be brief and concise to convey the most important message about your market research. Managers a busy people, they will pick what they want to read. If you cannot draw attention of your reader in this section, chance is you loose them along the way.

3) Introduction

This is beginning of your story, you should use it to briefly tell the reader what is this report about. You may include how your report is section.

4) The Content Body

This form the heart of your Marketing Report it should contain all your research work and the facts . You may sub divide the body into sub-division and use sub-title to help reader to browse the section. This section are meant for readers who like to know details. Use various data, charts, pictures to illustrates your research. You do it as if you are telling a story, so arrange the details by its order of priority, of chronological order

5) Conclusion

Make a short conclusion of your research. You may include your opinion of your marketing research not included in the recommendation section

6) Recommendations

This is the call to action section where you clearly and concisely list down all your recommendations by its order of priority.

7) Appendix

This is the final section you can put all your details not yet included anywhere in your report so far., Do it with proper title to tell reader which section of your report reference. It is also used for document evidence, supportive document etc

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In conclusion, this report format is simple enough to use and try to keep it as your own report format for consistency.



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