Medical Malpractice Templates and Info

by ryan on January 30, 2017


Preventing Medical Malpractice Templates and Info


The best way to prevent malpractice suits is to close your practice. But that will not pay the bills, so most professionals opt for purchasing malpractice insurance. In the medical profession, malpractice insurance is required by most hospitals and clinics before a doctor can practice in that facility. It doesn’t matter what the specialty is; everyone from general practitioners to plastic surgeons – dentists, podiatrists, pediatricians, internists, anesthesiologists, – even chiropractors need malpractice insurance.


There are cases of surgeons who have removed the wrong appendages (left foot instead of the right foot) necessitates the purchase of malpractice insurance – recently there was a news report of a doctor that removed a healthy kidney instead of a cancerous one. Plastic surgeons mark up the body where they are planning to work with a blue marker.

While awaiting the anesthesiologist, the last visit with the doctor before surgery includes the discussion and road map being marked along your body. This can leave little room for error, although, not perfect, it certainly helps be sure that everyone in the operating arena and the patient are ‘on the same page.’ When having a minor procedure done, I asked a plastic surgeon to remove a mole on my forehead at the same time. He simply drew a circle around the mole when I asked him. No question, he remembered to do it, and I woke up without a pesky mole in the middle of my forehead.

You can prevent malpractice suits, for the most part, if you are a doctor in the military. One military member cannot sue another military member under federal law. In 2009, one young airman, Colton Read, in the United States Air Force entered the David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base for a routine gall bladder surgery, but when it was all over, he lost both of his legs due to medical malpractice. The doctor cut the young man’s aortic artery but waited hours to transport him to a hospital with a vascular surgeon. Supposedly he was trying to ‘fix’ his mistake, but he lacked the expertise to do so.

An old federal law called the Feres Doctrine prohibits suits against the military by military personnel. You can read more about this tragedy online.

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