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by ryan on June 30, 2017


New Marketing Templates:


Understanding now that your budget should be in writing, you have two options: create a budget of your own from scratch or use a template. The answer to this dilemma should be easy. Using a budget planner template instead of creating one from scratch makes sense on a number of different levels. First, templates such as these can be huge time-savers, saving you from the onerous task of writing each item out individually.

With a template you simply customize the document by adding in the numbers and figures unique to your finances, and the program will do the rest. This method is the fastest way to get a realistic picture of income and expenditures and will highlight which areas need to be addressed to get the budget to balance.

Budget templates also serve as great reminders. When creating a budget it can be difficult to remember all of your monthly expenditures, but with a template every item you could think of is already covered in the document. This helps to ensure that the budget you develop is thorough and comprehensive.

Tips for Finding the Right Budget Planner Template

Before searching for a budget planner template, one you can use to chart your finances, take some time and jot down every item category you can think of, both on the income side and expense side. There’s no need to do any arithmetic here, just try to think of categories that apply to you, such as mortgage/rent, utilities, clothes and school supplies. Because every budget template is unique in its own way, you’ll want to make sure that one you decide upon matches closely with the categories you’ve created.

Naturally, creating a budget is always going to be easier than sticking to it, but this last tip may help you do just that. There are literally hundreds of budget planner worksheets and templates available online (and most of these are absolutely free), so you’ll want to choose one that you find very user-friendly and easy to manipulate.

The logic behind this is that if you select a planner that’s easy to work with, chances are you’ll use it more often and have a better chance of sticking to your budget in the long term.









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