Parental Consent Letter Template

by ryan on December 6, 2016


Parental Consent Letter Templates


A parental consent letter is necessary in cases when a minor wishes to perform a task they are not necessarily legally entitled to due to their age. Parental consent can be given in all manner of situations and circumstances, from a letter authorizing the minor to travel, to allow them to work or even to marry. Standard templates for such documents are easily available.

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When it comes to a minor traveling, parental consent is needed for situations in which the minor would be traveling alone, with a non-related adult or even with just one rather than both parents, in which case a consent form signed by the absent parental figure would be required. This is due to many cases where one divorced parent has attempted to leave the country with the child without the knowledge or consent of the other estranged parent. The rise in the number of incidences of these cases in recent years has led many countries to implement more stringent laws and requirements in cases involving minors traveling abroad.

Should one parent be deceased, the remaining parent should also take with them a copy of the death certificate to prove that he or she is the sole remaining legal custodian of the minor in question. Although these letters can be witnessed by essentially anyone, it is advisable to have some kind of legal authority, such as an attorney, counter-sign the document in order to lend it greater legitimacy and weight.

Such letters are advisable under almost any travel circumstances, but will be a practically guaranteed necessity for any situation in which is said minor is being taken to travel abroad. If the child is being taken abroad, a contact with the officials of the country in question to ensure all protocols are being correctly adhered to would take only a short time and clear up any and all doubts or concerns and prevent any inconvenient delays at airports. Such letters are often used by schools and sports team which are taking many children at once on trips.

Even when travelling between Canada and the US, which many people might not even consider as taking their child to a foreign country, the letters are still advisable, as the web site of the Canada Border Services Agency points out: “Divorced or separated parents should carry copies of the legal custody agreements for the children,” the site reads, continuing on to say that identification papers for all minors in your custody are required, including such documents as birth certificates, passports, citizenship cards, permanent resident cards or even a legal Certificate of Indian Status!

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