Printable Bill of Sale Templates

by ryan on November 23, 2016


Printable Bill of Sale Templates


A bill of sale is a simple legal document that you be familiar with, but if not, will be explained here. A bill of sale is a simple document that states who the seller is, who the buyer is, what item is being sold, the date of the transaction and, of course, the most important part, signatures of both buyer and seller. While this document is fairly straightforward, it should be complete and many people leave off critical data.

Beyond the items mentioned above, there are other small details that are critical. So whether this is a truck bill of sale or a bill of sale for any other machinery or equipment, take your time and do it right. You should thoroughly describe the item being sold – this is the area that most people neglect to put sufficient information. So, you should list the make, model, year and most importantly the serial number. Keep in mind that this bill of sale is your legal proof that you either own (if you were the buyer) or no longer own (if you were the seller) this particular truck or other item.

As such, it should be descriptive enough to be useful to a law enforcement official if there is any discrepancy or concern regarding theft or fraud in the transaction. It is your legal responsibility to not purchase or sell stolen items, so you need to take this seriously and having a proper bill of sale, while it doesn’t prevent fraud, certainly makes tracking down the offender much easier.

If this is a truck bill of sale, then make sure to list the name of the manufacturer, the make, the model, the color and, of course, the serial number. Depending upon the truck, you should also list other pertinent details such as the “hours” on the motor and any specific improvements or additional accessories that are included in the sale. trucks generally have several such attachments and enhancements and each costs money and adds value, so each should be specifically itemized on the bill of sale. Don’t forget that on these other items to also include thorough detailed descriptions including appropriate serial numbers as well, because each can be thought of as its own discreet transaction.

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