Property Appraiser Templates

by ryan on January 27, 2017


Property Appraiser Templates


If the consumers do not agree with the appraiser’s evaluation of the property, they can come to the Assessor’s Office to discuss the matter with an appraiser with valid evidence. Appraiser reviews the evaluation in the light of evidence provided and grievance raised by the consumer. If the dispute between consumer and the appraiser persists even after the review procedure, the former can appeal for reassessment to County Board of Equalization.

The forms are to be collected from Assessor’s office in December to January 15, which is the last date for filing.

If the County Board agrees with the appraisal made, the consumers can make further appeal to the State Board of Equalization to contest the evaluated amount. And if the State Board gives the same verdict, they can resolve the matter only in the District Court. Getting in the touch with an appraiser is quite an easy task as the Assessor’s Office is approachable. Whether you have grievance or enquiry, you can contact a property appraiser at the Office.

Example Template


There are tax districts in Clark County with specific rate of tax ascribed to each city. This rate is determined on the basis of budget set for them in order to maintain the city and fulfill it other necessities and improve the facilities. In short, it can be said that the amount of tax paid is spend on the demands for the services of the tax payers.

The computerized records of the Assessor’s Office can be purchased. These files contain information on real property parcels, use of land and its valuation, residential structures, commercial structures etc. If you need information on these files, you will be required to apply for access. This access is granted once in a calendar month. You can also submit a written application for subscription of Clark County Assessor Data Site access.

To contact a property appraiser, you can contact Assessor’s Office at 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89155. You can call the office or fax them. You can call for your queries. If you are looking for a licensed Appraiser who serves in Clark County of Nevada, you can look for them in any online directory service for appraisers. These have been designed especially for the professionals and consumers of real estate through out the country. You can find the appraiser who covers your area. This is a free service and can be availed by anyone.








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