Sales Card Templates

by ryan on July 19, 2017


Printable Sales Card Templates


Sale card often known as discount card is an important part of business because it serves a lot for promotion of business. Almost all business organizations and even shopkeepers use sales card to attract customers toward their shop for the shopping of specific products.

Sales card contains business information such as name of organization or shop, list of products and details of discount. Lots of retailers design different sales cards for summer and winter season according to the products. Sales card is important for sales business because it is a mean of communication to customers about recent offers and discounts.

Sales card template is cost effective way to design an effective sales card.

Sales card template contains all necessary information for the guidance of designer. Every business has its own particulars to write on sales card such as name, address, contact information (cell number, fax number, email address etc.), details of products and the percentage of discount if any. Sales card designing is too easy now due to sales card template.

This template provides guideline about right placement of text. The template diminishes the efforts of designers because it contains 4 to 5 cards of standard size. Now you only have to place your logo and business details. If you want to change the total look of sales card then change its color scheme. It will definitely save your cost.










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