Service Bill Templates

by ryan on June 11, 2017


Service Bill Templates


For effective dealing between a company and its clients there always needs to be a professional document compiled by the company along with necessary details of the service provided.

Service bill template is one such form of invoice that details a company’s complete information and the services done by it for the client. The top most part shows company’s logo and its details and the body consists of the service details along with their descriptions and amounts.


The company makes its client aware of all the details including the tax that is due on him. The format of the template should be very easy and understandable.

It need not be complied of papers and long details but a simple description would be enough for the client to understand. Hence service bill template helps you in keeping a track of the services that you have done and improves your company’s efficiency towards the work as well.

Below is preview and download link of this free Service bill template:




Service bill templates



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