Travel invoice template

by ryan on June 4, 2017


Travel Invoice Templates

Traveling agencies that provide services to passengers in terms of air tickets to their required destination seeks payment through travel invoice template. It is convenient as well as professional for the travel company as they mention the entire amount to be paid clearly in this invoice. The travel invoice details services that are being provided by the company including the transport description to and from the airport.

The understandable format of the invoice makes it easier for the client to learn about his payable amount. Company’s name and its contact details are mentioned at the top of this invoice.

It also clearly mentions the destinations, number of passengers traveled and the tax charges. All these details along with a grand total are provided for the knowledge of the client. By describing all these details in a separate column clearly there is no room left for any confusion among the company and its client.

Below you can find a free download link and preview this Travel invoice template:






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